Entrevista a Matt Wedel en Paw-Talk

Os dejo el enlace a la entrevista que han hecho a nuestro colega Matt Wedel, uno de los responsables de SVPOW, en la web Paw-Talk. Seguramente muchos os sintáis identificados con algunas de las respuestas, y a los hechos me remito:

Why focus on paleontology, dinosaurs, sauropods? What about these creatures appeals to you?
Is it something that stemmed from childhood?

I have to answer these together, because they are deeply intertwingled. When I was three years old, National Geographic had a cover story on dinosaurs. I was instantly hooked. Most kids go through a dinosaur phase...mine is in its 31st year and shows no signs of letting up.

Para seguir letyendo, entrad aquí.

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